February 16, 2003

Cats are whores

A friend of mine that works with me has two cats that hang out at the office with us. One is a nasty whore named Charlotte, the other is a cute pansy named Jasper. Jabs has been really affectionate since I started bribing him with canned mackerel and cheese, but I still haven't found any redeeming qualities in Charlotte. She is long-haired, leaves fur /everywhere/, including on 80%+ of the chairs in the office, is frailish and has a nasty scratch on her head from a fight with Jabs from some time ago (2 mos?). They puke food and hairballs around the office, and it's kinda funny, kinda nasty, but still annoying. They'll usually do pretty much anything for you, except get out of the ceiling. Jasper has been running around in the drop ceiling for the last week, and I couldn't get him down today, even with a spoon full of mackerel. But if he's not in the ceiling, he and Charlotte will do /anything/ for food. I just wish they were easier to communicate with. *sigh*

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