February 27, 2003

anti-drug commercial

There's a commercial floating around right now that features a sorry-looking dude who stops at one of those makeshift roadside memorials. This text flashes:

"His kid brother was killed
... by a driver under the influence
... of marijuana.
He was the driver."

The voiceover at the end:

"In a roadside study, 1 in 3 reckless drivers who were tested for drugs, tested positive for marijuana. It's more harmful than we all thought."

Bullshit. It's not more harmful than we all thought. Let's analyze that voiceover. It says that there was a roadside study done, in which some reckless drivers were tested for drugs. Out of those who were a) reckless, and b) tested, 33% of them tested positive for marijuana. It doesn't mean that it's more harmful than "we all thought". It means that it's more popular than we all thought. And it doesn't say if those drivers were under the influence of any other mind altering substances.

Driving under the influence of any substance is risky: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, hard-rockin' music, cigarettes, heroin, psychedelics, whatever. I wonder how many of those who were reckless were tested for alcohol. Oh, forgot, we don't talk about the massive social problem of alcohol and the billion dollar taxable industry behind it. This is, after all, a study designed to let people believe the marijuana kills people. Ugh.

This kind of crap pisses me off. It's not the drug that's the problem, it's the idiots who choose to operate vehicles while under the influence of them.

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February 24, 2003

Inspiration comes from perspiration

This last week was more than hard, it was downright difficult. A lot of soul-searching took place, step-back analysis, and I came to some thought provoking conclusions. I'm moving the company. I can't say much publicly right now, but I'm a bit pissed that I didn't see this earlier, but the time is still right.

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February 18, 2003

Talk about shitty days

Yesterday I woke up and knew it wasn't going to be a good day. Last week we lost a couple of clients, through no fault of our own. One went out of business and the other didn't need a Chicago location any longer. A minor hit to our bottom line, *shrug* whatever, disappointing but not tragic.

Everything has been piling up around the office. Our inefficiency has become glaringly obvious as we've failed to follow up and follow through on some things lately. It's gotten me really pissed off. One of our clients offered to demonstrate an issue-tracking and ticketing system to us that they developed for Lucent and Avaya. It's really cool and deals with things in a way that is similar but not identical to the way we do things. They offered to let us have a copy of the system if we paid for them to modify it to suit our needs. I was guessing that it would be about $5k. I was wrong. Bottom line is that they want $15k to do it, and we can't afford it. A major suck.

More of the same feelings today, except we ended up losing a client who claims his server was down 4 times within the last month, which is untrue. Nonetheless, he was a fickle client from day 1, and that was that. We invested several dozen manhours into getting his service up and running perfectly, fixing the mess at his old provider, etc. I'm waiting to hear back from him on when exactly he thinks his servers are down. As of right now, his sites are elsewhere and there isn't much we can do but try and talk with him.

So, we've lost out on some monthly income, we're not going to get the software that I want to maximize our resources, and life is a fucking suck. Haven't been this depressed in a long while.

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February 16, 2003

High school reunions

On the WB network there's a show called "High School Reunion" and it was a reality-based series on a reunion of the Oak Park River Forest High School Class of 1992. Granted that it had a couple of folks from my Class of 1993 too, but hey, it makes for good TV.

Anyway, tonight was the final episode, and it was pretty cool. Dave proposing to Summer made me shed a tear, it was really sweet. Seeing Jeff strutting around with a sock over his cock'n'balls wasn't that unexpected, but Ben, that's another story all together.

We've got our 10 year reunion coming up in October at a bar in Wrigleyville. I've got to make a quick million to fly the crew out to Maui for two weeks so that we can imitate TV. That is the purpose of reality TV, right?


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Cats are whores

A friend of mine that works with me has two cats that hang out at the office with us. One is a nasty whore named Charlotte, the other is a cute pansy named Jasper. Jabs has been really affectionate since I started bribing him with canned mackerel and cheese, but I still haven't found any redeeming qualities in Charlotte. She is long-haired, leaves fur /everywhere/, including on 80%+ of the chairs in the office, is frailish and has a nasty scratch on her head from a fight with Jabs from some time ago (2 mos?). They puke food and hairballs around the office, and it's kinda funny, kinda nasty, but still annoying. They'll usually do pretty much anything for you, except get out of the ceiling. Jasper has been running around in the drop ceiling for the last week, and I couldn't get him down today, even with a spoon full of mackerel. But if he's not in the ceiling, he and Charlotte will do /anything/ for food. I just wish they were easier to communicate with. *sigh*

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February 15, 2003

It's not just pot, it's food in that pot

I went to dinner with Jamebus after work. We went to an excellent sushi joint that's open late, and all was yummy and well. I make it a point to order something different for an appetizer each time, and tonight we ordered a pot of beef tripe. It was served with a common red chili seasoning called "Shichimi Togarashi" in a shaker on the side.

You find this stuff at pretty much all Japanese restaurants. I used this stuff at another sushi place a year before, and found a pot seed inside the nearly empty container. I asked the hip-ish young Japanese folks if they smoked and maybe stashed the seed in there, since that seems like one of those well-thought-out things that stoner might do. They said they smoked, but they didn't know what it was doing in there. I dismissed the incident as curious and amusing.

Well, anyway, for shits and giggles, tonight I looked inside the hole on top of the shaker and saw what I thought was a pot seed in there. So I shook and shook and shook and eventually a pot seed fell out of the hole along with a nice pile of chili powder. I looked at it, and yes, for sure, it was a pot seed. I chomped down on it, and yes, it was a pot seed. I looked on the label for the powder, and I was promptly informed that it was a "roasted hemp seed". Man, I hate being wrong.

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February 14, 2003


after dinner mints != inner ear mints

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February 13, 2003

Crack pipes aren't just for crackwhores

I needed a winter car, so at the end of December I bought 3 squads from my local police department. Technically I bought 4, but I let the fire chief have one since it was his take-home car in its past life. The other three I got because nobody else showed up for the auction. I got a pretty good deal on the whole thing.

The first car that I drove was the 1998 Crown PI. After driving the '96 and '00, I felt best in the '98, so I decided to keep that one. I had a less fortunate friend that I sold the '96 to, and had to get the '00 repainted because it was a black-and-white. I took it to Maaco for a $500 paint job, and the fucked the thing up. It looks repulsive to me; it hurts when I see it. A friend's brother-in-law (Kevin) wrecked his car, so I let him have the '00 at cost.

Anyway, my friend looks me up this afternoon and asks me if I bothered to check under the seats before I sold the car. No, I didn't do squat to the squad. I took it to the dealer for a checkup and to get some issues taken care of, and to Maaco, and that was it. Well, the brother-in-law was driving home last night and one of the headlights was burnt out. That of course brought on the attention of a cop, who pulled Kevin over. Kevin was smoking in the car with the windows closed and had some old food in there, so the cop "suspected" that he smelled marijuana, and ended up searching the car. Neither he nor the dog found any marijuana, but they did find a crack pipe under the back seat. He explained that he just bought the car, that it was a former squad car, and the cops seized the drug equipment and let Kevin go.

Maybe I should check my car out just to make sure. It would suck having to talk my way out of drugs, guns, whatever might be stashed somewhere in the car. I'm pissed at myself for not checking Kevin's car. I could have had my own crack pipe.

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February 12, 2003

Waking moments

I have a double-ring that I use for my overnight business phone. It wakes me up better than a normal ring. Anyway, about 2 years ago I had a double-ring number at home that has since been disconnected, and it used to end in 2929.

I was sleeping this morning when my double-ring rang. I answered it as usual but it was a wrong number, someone was looking for "Seivert's Electric" or somesuch. I told the lady that she had the wrong number and she seemed confused. I was thinking "No, lady, I'm fucking with you. This is really Seivert, and I really don't want your business at 7am." I told her goodbye and hung up and went back to sleep. The whole thing lasted maybe 7 seconds max.

As I started to drift back off to sleep, I started to think "What number did she misdial? Maybe it was 2299? 9292?" And then I passed out. Only when I woke up naturally did I realize that I don't have that 2929 number any more, but for some screwed up reason that was the first idea that came to my head.

I fucked up my own phone number trying to figure out why someone else couldn't get the number they were dialing right. I guess I can be wrong. This time it was because I was half asleep. I can accept that, and besides, I had nobody to apologize to. Is that arrogance?

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I'm an arrogant ass

In the last few months, I've been told by three or four people that I'm very arrogant. Contrary to what I thought most people would do after being confronted with an "accusation" (or observation, IMHO) of arrogance, I fully admitted to it and was almost proud of my arrogance.

Then I asked myself "Why shouldn't I be?"? I really like who I am, I honestly believe that I do good, and I really try hard to succeed and make myself better off while not leaving a dangerous wake behind me. If you're proud of yourself and don't believe that pride is a "sin", then why hide yourself and your accomplishments and talents?

When I'm wrong and the facts are proven, I tend to bite the bullet, apologize, and learn from the experience. I do make mistakes, I do change my mind, I do get things mixed up, and that's that.

When I'm right, I usually push forward with whatever I'm thinking, doing, or talking about. When someone disagrees or disputes, it usually leads into a debate, and sometimes, an argument. The problem is that the debate or argument is frequently about my supposed arrogance and not so much about the actual topic at hand. This leads me to believe that maybe I'm not quite "wrong" about what I know or in the way I think and act, but maybe it's just that those around me are just sick of not coming to conclusions as fast as I do on a wide variety of topics.

I found an entry on some web log where they were commenting on how most debate ends up being similar to religious debate, and that nobody ever gets anywhere in the end, other than feeling frustrated and disillusioned. I think otherwise. Debate leads to mental muscle flexing, which leads you to form new ideas, or incorporate other peoples' thoughts into your own, and vice versa. Just as muscles get sore after a workout, debate and argument can do the same for one's spirit.

One fellow named Paul popped up and said "it's all verbal masturbation to me. blogs, comments, online debates, metafilter, etc.".

I partially agree. Comments and online debates are intercourse.

intercourse n 1: communication between individuals 2: the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur.

This arrogant blog of mine is verbal masturbation.

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