February 16, 2008

Independence and Fragmentation

May the Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia reunite with Serbia.
May the Palestinians have their own lands carved back from Israel.
May the Turks and Greeks split Cyprus into two separate states.
May Northern Ireland reunite with Ireland.
May Scotland be free again.
May Kashmir cease straddling the borders of Pakistan and India.
May Basque Euskadi emerge from under the thumb of Spain.
May Catalonia throw Spain from its teat.
May Chechnya finally escape out from under the Russian hammer.
May Puerto Rico be free, or something, what the hell is Puerto Rico anyway? And Guam too, why not?
May ethnic Albanians in Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro unite with Kosovo or form three more ethnically Albanian states in Europe.
May the Algerians oversee their own community in France.
May Mexifornia and Mexas become reality instead of a cruel joke.
May the Turks in Germany unite and squat Westphalia.
May the Native American Tribes grow industrial hemp according to their autonomous laws.

Where does the nonsense end?

Shall we get into every other tribe and their armpit regions in Africa and Asia?

The Albanians in Kosovo are waving brand new USA flags, still creased and fresh from their packaging, bought where and with who knows whose money, especially considering their 90% unemployment. Kosovo is "pro-Western" as long as they have no better prospects for subsidies and bread and circuses. Or perhaps they are thankful to NATO and UN for carving a sovereign state into pieces and creating an environment in which a guerilla terrorist whose organization and colleagues bombed and bulldozed homes, churches, monuments and centuries of history, essentially ethnically cleansing Serbs from Kosovo, and then eventually becomes Prime Minister and declares independence.

A great fraud is being committed against history today.

Mass media thrives on conflicts. CNN is showing flags and cheering in Kosovo, while scenes from Belgrade show peaceful protest marches with a focus on riot police. Ideally media should be impartial, but what happens when that impartiality is used and manipulated by extremists?

May God help us all.

Posted by gav at February 16, 2008 08:12 PM
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