April 11, 2003

Stumped the waiter

I had dinner at Nick and Tony's tonight. It's a little quasi-italian restaurant with a panache for making itself look classier than it actually is, but it's convenient since it's a block away from the office.

I really wanted a steak tonight, and Jamebus was his usual indecisive self. When we sat down, we had the same waiter that served us the last time, which just so happened to be Jamebus's birthday. He remembered us, 6 months later. Groovy.

Anyway, I felt like having a "special" since nothing on the menu was really standing out, and I decided against having a steak. As a waitress passed our table to serve dessert to a neighboring table, I couldn't help but notice how yummy their plates looked.

Then it hit me. They still have it on the dessert menu: "The Bomb".

The birthday cake for Jamebus was something they called a Chocolate Cassata. It's not a traditional cassata with a ricotta filling. They make theirs with chocolate mousse and a raspberry coulis on the side. It's a bit a of heaven on earth. At that moment, I realized that I wanted to have dessert first.

I ordered a slice of the cassata (big enough of a dessert for five folks), and Jamebus and I split it. It was yummy. We then ordered two entrees: a spinach fettucine with italian sausage, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and a garlic wine sauce, and then a capellini dish with mixed seafood. We split both entrees.

It was good.

The waiter with many moons of experience never had someone order dessert before a meal, but I'll tell you right now, it's fantastic. You start to get a sugar rush while you're eating your entree, which really gets you pumped up, without feeling heavy when you're done.

My only regret is that the restaurant stayed open for us (phone first!). The kitchen closed before I would order an appetizer of calamari. I think it would have made a yummy after dinner snack.

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