February 15, 2003

It's not just pot, it's food in that pot

I went to dinner with Jamebus after work. We went to an excellent sushi joint that's open late, and all was yummy and well. I make it a point to order something different for an appetizer each time, and tonight we ordered a pot of beef tripe. It was served with a common red chili seasoning called "Shichimi Togarashi" in a shaker on the side.

You find this stuff at pretty much all Japanese restaurants. I used this stuff at another sushi place a year before, and found a pot seed inside the nearly empty container. I asked the hip-ish young Japanese folks if they smoked and maybe stashed the seed in there, since that seems like one of those well-thought-out things that stoner might do. They said they smoked, but they didn't know what it was doing in there. I dismissed the incident as curious and amusing.

Well, anyway, for shits and giggles, tonight I looked inside the hole on top of the shaker and saw what I thought was a pot seed in there. So I shook and shook and shook and eventually a pot seed fell out of the hole along with a nice pile of chili powder. I looked at it, and yes, for sure, it was a pot seed. I chomped down on it, and yes, it was a pot seed. I looked on the label for the powder, and I was promptly informed that it was a "roasted hemp seed". Man, I hate being wrong.

Posted by gav at February 15, 2003 04:50 AM
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