February 13, 2003

Crack pipes aren't just for crackwhores

I needed a winter car, so at the end of December I bought 3 squads from my local police department. Technically I bought 4, but I let the fire chief have one since it was his take-home car in its past life. The other three I got because nobody else showed up for the auction. I got a pretty good deal on the whole thing.

The first car that I drove was the 1998 Crown PI. After driving the '96 and '00, I felt best in the '98, so I decided to keep that one. I had a less fortunate friend that I sold the '96 to, and had to get the '00 repainted because it was a black-and-white. I took it to Maaco for a $500 paint job, and the fucked the thing up. It looks repulsive to me; it hurts when I see it. A friend's brother-in-law (Kevin) wrecked his car, so I let him have the '00 at cost.

Anyway, my friend looks me up this afternoon and asks me if I bothered to check under the seats before I sold the car. No, I didn't do squat to the squad. I took it to the dealer for a checkup and to get some issues taken care of, and to Maaco, and that was it. Well, the brother-in-law was driving home last night and one of the headlights was burnt out. That of course brought on the attention of a cop, who pulled Kevin over. Kevin was smoking in the car with the windows closed and had some old food in there, so the cop "suspected" that he smelled marijuana, and ended up searching the car. Neither he nor the dog found any marijuana, but they did find a crack pipe under the back seat. He explained that he just bought the car, that it was a former squad car, and the cops seized the drug equipment and let Kevin go.

Maybe I should check my car out just to make sure. It would suck having to talk my way out of drugs, guns, whatever might be stashed somewhere in the car. I'm pissed at myself for not checking Kevin's car. I could have had my own crack pipe.

Posted by gav at February 13, 2003 10:47 PM
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